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The most enduring fundamental goal of all whom seek maturity is to tell the truth, but no one individual soul can do so lone, for no one soul holds all of the facets (facts) that comprise the truth. At best one can only support the quest for truth by being honest, and bring forth those facts they do hold as clearly and unadulterated as they possibly can.

I challenge all whom encounter me: Find any friend greater, or enemy worse.

I would prefer to open my mouth, and risk looking as the fool, than to always live in doubt.

In times such as these, whether one is fool or sage may be difficult to determine.

Also I do not lie.

Update: Have recently discovered the LiveJournal To Do List feature. Mine.
Update: I am producing one film. (life has been eventful recently)
Update: New policy, I do not let anyone read my journal unless I am certain they know how to read.
Note: I am no sock puppet!
Note: I am not [personal profile] elynne.
Note: I am no troll.

Comments I have made lately that I thought were especially well written:
In the journal of Ozarque
In the journal of LJ Turns 10
In the journal of Moosl
In the journal of Mixophrygian
Archive of all my comments is available here [Note it is unfinished.]

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